Monday, January 25, 2010

The News

I left off with my last blog talking about my second trip and how they ended up doing another endoscopy. I will just re fresh your memory, the doctors went in and removed two more polyps (warning graphic) that second time and sent them for biopsies and I left off with the doctors were going to come in and talk to me about my test results.

I was still in the hospital because my pain was still not really controlled but was getting better however the doctors came in I thought there must have been like four or five of them it was like I was some kind of test dummy that they had to show off to all the other doctors. Anyways my Gastroenterology doctor also know as GI he came and was telling me that the polyps they had removed had cancer cells in them that were not binine. And they could possibly spread. I really wasn’t understanding exactly what was going so I asked them to explain it a little differently for me and so basically what they had said was the polyps my body is producing is not normal for my age. He told me that everyone has polyps that come and go in their body however mine are staying and causing problems. My mom’s main concern was did they get all the polyps out when they were just in and the doctor said yes it came out in fragments however so they might have to go back in and look. I still really wasn’t sure what was going on all I knew at that point was that I had to come in every month to get scoped and to make sure I wasn’t producing them anywhere else and in between that time I was put on medicine to try to stop the polyps from spreading. The doctors had told me this medicine was going to make me feel very tired a lot and could make me sick.

So like I said all because of this I felt as if I had missed out on my senior year of high school because I was either sick or just in to much pain to do anything with my friends or family. But luckily my friends and family stood by my side. I’m sure with most people that read this they are going to say oh my gosh this girl had cancer however I don’t look at it like that the doctors at that point in time did not specifically come out and say oh you have cancer they told me the polyps they had removed had cancer cells and they needed to watch to make sure it didn’t spread so once again at that time I was not told I specifically had cancer like people think lung cancer or breast cancer well nope that wasn’t me. After the news they told me they sent me home with medicine and I was told I had to come in every month to get an endoscopy and I had to continue to take my medicine.

Second Trip

I had previously told you about one of my first of many visits to the hospital. Now I plan on talking about my second trip. After while you would think it would be getting really annoying of feeling like crap well yup your right it sucks. I felt as if I could never do anything without feeling like crap. I would get ready to go out friends and then by the time I was already it would hit me and I would feel really weak and tired and just couldn’t go out. I felt as if I lost out on my last two years of high school. My junior year I was a varsity cheerleader for football and basketball season well I’m sure you can guess what happened I made it through football season and then found out all I couldn’t cheer basketball season because I was pushing myself too hard on the nights of games. I missed out on something I loved to do. I also did competition cheerleading and hate to stop that all because of what the doctors had yet to figure out.

My second trip to the hospital was in sometime in late 2007 early 2008 can’t really remember the exact date but I felt as if I was ten times worse than my first trip. Just like before the doctor in the emergency room did the usual the x rays cat scans all that stuff and I just knew they were going to say the same thing. And yup I was correct they admitted me gave me fluids kept the pain meds in me to try to get my pain level down just like the last time. So yet again I got another endoscopy they pulled out two my polups however they came out in fragments they sent those for biopsies and kept me in the hospital for probably around a week or so mostly because my pain was not under control. The doctors came in and talked to my mom and I about what my test results were from the last scope. That’s yet again another post to much detail for this one it needs a blog to its self.

Monday, January 11, 2010

How it all started

This is my first blog on how it all started. I will be talking about how i first was told about what I had and just in general how it all started. It all started when one night in 2007 I was feeling really sick and had this really bad sharp pain in my lower abdomen stomach area. the pain got so bad that I ended up having to go to the hospital because it was so bad that i could hardly walk. When I got to the hospital they started doing tests like cat scans and x rays and they also ended up doing an MRI. The tests ended up coming back all normal, however because my pain was not getting under control they admitted me and told me the next day they were planning on doing surgery.

The next day the did an endoscopy which is where they put you to sleep and they stick a tube with a camera attached to it and look in your intestine and lower intestine the doctors found a polyps in my lower intestine and removed them and sent them biopsies. From that surgery the polyps came back Binnie. The doctors told my mom and I that I might not always get that lucky that they might not always come back Binnie. After the doctors got my pain under control the sent me home with medicine and hoping that the pain i was having would be gone. However that was just the beggining yes it stopped for a while but then after about a month i got the pain and I went through everything again. Now thats another blog for later to tell you guys about what happend with my second trip to the hospital.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Start of my Blogs

Hey everyone who will be reading my blogs. For all my blogs I am going to be talking about how I'm dealing and coping with my disorder its something called juvinele polyposis disorder. I will be talking in my blogs about exactly what it is and how i deal with all the treatments and how everyone in my family deals with it. I will also be talking about the things i can and can not do anymore. There are so many things that people dont know about this condition and how it can really afftect someones life.

I'm not blogging about this stuff to get attention or for people to feel sorry for me im doing it so other people can know how i deal and can learn exactly what it is. I'm also doing it so people out there realize its not something to just ignore and think everything is ok because its not yes when you first get it its not as bad as cancer however like in my case it works it way to be that bad. I plan on talking about how much change this has brought good and bad and I want other people who are dealing with this or who are reading about it to know how bad it can get and what exactly you have to do and deal with.