Monday, February 8, 2010

Still Going

My last two blogs I told you how I deal it with everyday and how I got the news and what the news was. Well now as I say I’m back in at round three and what I mean by that is I’m back in the hospital and surgery and news yet again.

You probably think that I all I do is go back and fourth from the hospital well your not the only one I feel like that is my second home and sometimes I feel like I spend more time there than I have at my house, it gets really annoying after awhile, and I know it got annoying for my family and friends but I know deep down they cared about me and would do whatever and come whenever no matter how annoying and boring it got. Anyways after I got the news back in 2008 I was doing ok for a while just remembering to take my medicine and trying to move on thinking maybe this medicine was helping and I was finally getting better well I think I got my hope up to much.

In early 2009 I was back for the third time in the hospital. I went through the same tests and same surgeries I was finally thinking I was becoming a pro at this whole surgery thing considering it was the same exact surgery each time just removing polyps my insides, however it did suck but after this third time the doctors came in again and told me the polyps were still malignant and they had to keep an eye on me. I stayed in the hospital for a week and half and went home with the same medicine and was told to come back in two weeks to start a new round of medicine.


  1. Ashley--

    I'd like to encourage you to do more showing in blogs where you're telling a story. Remember to use the five senses, metaphors and similies, and dialogue to help us "see" and "feel" what you are describing.

  2. Darn things huh. Staying in a hospital all the time does suck. Many of my family members have been stuck in the hospital for a week or so at a time, and it gets very boring. Sometimes I feel like one second there is about twenty minutes, especially when you’re waiting for a doctor to come out to tell you how things are going or when it’s ok to come in. Plus, I don’t know how you feel about hospital food but I think it sucks. For all I’m craving when ‘m in a hospital is a good burger or pizza, which nether you can ever seem to have, because they want you eating certain types of foods.

  3. In a sense I know what you mean about the hospital being your second home I feel the same way. My sister goes back and forth from our home to the hospital it feels like those are the only two places that my sister ever really gets to go. My sister also has to take the exact same treatments and it makes me sad because each time she goes for her chemo she knows what is coming but she still braves it and does it.

  4. I am having trouble dealing with it all and it is hard trying to keep up with everything. i am so far behind on blogging and everything else, and it gets so overwhelming i don't know how i'm going to catch up.