Monday, February 1, 2010


I wanted to take a break with telling you how the hospital visits go and with what all the doctors say. I want to tell you how I deal with it on an every day basis. Well it’s hard as I’m sure you can imagine. Sometimes I think it will get easier but I’m still waiting for that day to come, it hasn’t gotten any worse but definitely not any better.It’s like an everyday ritual I have to do. I get up in the morning and take my medicine and at night take my medicine and go to bed it sucks trying to always remember to take it but I have my family that is always on me about taking which yes sucks but in the end I have to look past that and know they are only doing it for the best of me.

I have my good days and bad days however back in October I had more bad days than good. It comes and goes like that and sometimes I think it’s never going to stop but I know sooner than later it will. Dealing with it everyday is the hardest especially when I first get up I know if it’s going to be good day or not. Some days I wake up feeling like I didn’t even sleep I’m so exhausted others, I wake up feeling like I am full of energy it just depends. It’s hard to tell how I’m going to feel through out the day. Everyday I think to myself I’m going to get better I’m not going to be sick anymore and I know if I just keep saying it, it will happen. Like I said I go through the ups and downs of feeling very tired and wore out because of my medicine and then I could feel ten times better the next day I think people that know me can tell when I’m having the good days and bad because when I have a good day I’m always smiling and laughing but bad days I just look like I could cry at any minute. I know there is more I could tell you about how it affects me everyday but I will save that for later.


  1. I don’t think I could handle what you’re going through. At least you have the support from your family to help you out. I think it would be extremely hard to remember to take your medical without their support. Even though I am sure it gets really annoying. I feel like it would be hard to get through life not being able to control how you feel that day. Yea I think that many of my close friends know when something is bothering. I think that is a good thing. Because I am usually a very closed person and don’t tell people how I am feeling usually. SO when my close friends know something is wrong Some days I wake up feeling like I didn’t even sleep they do whatever they can to put a smile on my face.

  2. Okay, Ashley. Hang in there!

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