Monday, January 25, 2010

The News

I left off with my last blog talking about my second trip and how they ended up doing another endoscopy. I will just re fresh your memory, the doctors went in and removed two more polyps (warning graphic) that second time and sent them for biopsies and I left off with the doctors were going to come in and talk to me about my test results.

I was still in the hospital because my pain was still not really controlled but was getting better however the doctors came in I thought there must have been like four or five of them it was like I was some kind of test dummy that they had to show off to all the other doctors. Anyways my Gastroenterology doctor also know as GI he came and was telling me that the polyps they had removed had cancer cells in them that were not binine. And they could possibly spread. I really wasn’t understanding exactly what was going so I asked them to explain it a little differently for me and so basically what they had said was the polyps my body is producing is not normal for my age. He told me that everyone has polyps that come and go in their body however mine are staying and causing problems. My mom’s main concern was did they get all the polyps out when they were just in and the doctor said yes it came out in fragments however so they might have to go back in and look. I still really wasn’t sure what was going on all I knew at that point was that I had to come in every month to get scoped and to make sure I wasn’t producing them anywhere else and in between that time I was put on medicine to try to stop the polyps from spreading. The doctors had told me this medicine was going to make me feel very tired a lot and could make me sick.

So like I said all because of this I felt as if I had missed out on my senior year of high school because I was either sick or just in to much pain to do anything with my friends or family. But luckily my friends and family stood by my side. I’m sure with most people that read this they are going to say oh my gosh this girl had cancer however I don’t look at it like that the doctors at that point in time did not specifically come out and say oh you have cancer they told me the polyps they had removed had cancer cells and they needed to watch to make sure it didn’t spread so once again at that time I was not told I specifically had cancer like people think lung cancer or breast cancer well nope that wasn’t me. After the news they told me they sent me home with medicine and I was told I had to come in every month to get an endoscopy and I had to continue to take my medicine.


  1. I kind of understand with what you are saying about how you feel that you missed out on your senior year of highschool. I can't say that I know this because I have experienced it, but my little sister has cancer and I know that she is missing out on a lot of things that kids her age are doing. My younger sister was very athletic before she became ill, and now she can't do the things she would like to do because she doesn't have the energy anymore. I know that it kills her to listen to her friends tell her about all the things that she is missing out on.

  2. Ashley--

    You have some story, and I'm glad that you are with us to tell it.

    Work on formatting (paragraphs!) and checking the spelling--especially of important words--for these.

    I wonder how this condition affects how you feel on a daily basis (could be the subject of a future post).


  3. Dam, that is a very crazy story! I sadly really dont understand what this is all talking about but it sounds rough and that it would suck pretty bad! The picture is very graphic! Its good to know you are making it threw everything though and hopefully you stay in good health! I'll ready more later to see if I understand this later

  4. Thats horrible, its very good to hear your making it and i hope you stay in good health. I've seen pictures of polyps before, for my moms almost done studying to be a Rn and shes shown me many pictures of things. I'm sorry to hear that it basically ruined your senior year, for thats the year all high schoolers look foward to.

    I really like the back ground you chose. I look foward to hearing how things are going in the future.