Monday, January 11, 2010

How it all started

This is my first blog on how it all started. I will be talking about how i first was told about what I had and just in general how it all started. It all started when one night in 2007 I was feeling really sick and had this really bad sharp pain in my lower abdomen stomach area. the pain got so bad that I ended up having to go to the hospital because it was so bad that i could hardly walk. When I got to the hospital they started doing tests like cat scans and x rays and they also ended up doing an MRI. The tests ended up coming back all normal, however because my pain was not getting under control they admitted me and told me the next day they were planning on doing surgery.

The next day the did an endoscopy which is where they put you to sleep and they stick a tube with a camera attached to it and look in your intestine and lower intestine the doctors found a polyps in my lower intestine and removed them and sent them biopsies. From that surgery the polyps came back Binnie. The doctors told my mom and I that I might not always get that lucky that they might not always come back Binnie. After the doctors got my pain under control the sent me home with medicine and hoping that the pain i was having would be gone. However that was just the beggining yes it stopped for a while but then after about a month i got the pain and I went through everything again. Now thats another blog for later to tell you guys about what happend with my second trip to the hospital.

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  1. Yes, it is fortunate that the polyps turned out to be benign. And I'm glad you're her to write about the experience.

    I would suggest working on paragraphs and some spell checking for future posts. See how the external blogger handles her/his blog. Also, could you write a post soon that defines the disorder and gives us your interpretation of it so that we can know what you are describing?