Monday, January 25, 2010

Second Trip

I had previously told you about one of my first of many visits to the hospital. Now I plan on talking about my second trip. After while you would think it would be getting really annoying of feeling like crap well yup your right it sucks. I felt as if I could never do anything without feeling like crap. I would get ready to go out friends and then by the time I was already it would hit me and I would feel really weak and tired and just couldn’t go out. I felt as if I lost out on my last two years of high school. My junior year I was a varsity cheerleader for football and basketball season well I’m sure you can guess what happened I made it through football season and then found out all I couldn’t cheer basketball season because I was pushing myself too hard on the nights of games. I missed out on something I loved to do. I also did competition cheerleading and hate to stop that all because of what the doctors had yet to figure out.

My second trip to the hospital was in sometime in late 2007 early 2008 can’t really remember the exact date but I felt as if I was ten times worse than my first trip. Just like before the doctor in the emergency room did the usual the x rays cat scans all that stuff and I just knew they were going to say the same thing. And yup I was correct they admitted me gave me fluids kept the pain meds in me to try to get my pain level down just like the last time. So yet again I got another endoscopy they pulled out two my polups however they came out in fragments they sent those for biopsies and kept me in the hospital for probably around a week or so mostly because my pain was not under control. The doctors came in and talked to my mom and I about what my test results were from the last scope. That’s yet again another post to much detail for this one it needs a blog to its self.

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