Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Start of my Blogs

Hey everyone who will be reading my blogs. For all my blogs I am going to be talking about how I'm dealing and coping with my disorder its something called juvinele polyposis disorder. I will be talking in my blogs about exactly what it is and how i deal with all the treatments and how everyone in my family deals with it. I will also be talking about the things i can and can not do anymore. There are so many things that people dont know about this condition and how it can really afftect someones life.

I'm not blogging about this stuff to get attention or for people to feel sorry for me im doing it so other people can know how i deal and can learn exactly what it is. I'm also doing it so people out there realize its not something to just ignore and think everything is ok because its not yes when you first get it its not as bad as cancer however like in my case it works it way to be that bad. I plan on talking about how much change this has brought good and bad and I want other people who are dealing with this or who are reading about it to know how bad it can get and what exactly you have to do and deal with.

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  1. Ashley--

    This sounds like an important topic--and certainly a personal one. I anticipate learning a lot over the course of the quarter.

    You'll want to work on paragraphing in future blogs.