Monday, March 15, 2010

Changed My Mind

Blogging is something I’m new at and even though I’m not all that good at I have a definite look at blog’s and people who do blogs. For me it was a way for me to vent, a way that I could just get my feelings out about being someone dealing with a chronic illness.

With me and this blogging we did for my English I have grown to sort of like to do it, I would have to say it has been good for me to just get what I’m dealing with and being sick out on paper or for this case in a blog. I talked about how it changed my daily life, the different surgery’s I have had and the side effects and ups and downs that came with every part of this. Usually I would have been the one who complains to my parents about hating being sick and saying “why can’t I just be normal”. This has been a good thing for my mom I would have to say because I wasn’t complaining to her, I had the internet to complain and vent to and anyone that wanted to read.

Blogs can affect the lives of many people for me it did at least. Blogs do many things they give people a way to vent, a way to share what they are going through. It is way to give information about things that most people probably haven’t herd of or know much about. That was what I going for in my blogs; I wanted to give people more information about my chronic illness “juvenile polyposis disorder”. Blogs however sometimes don’t give the full story, they give only what they want, where as in my case I could have only told the bad stuff to try to get people to feel sorry for me, but that’s not what I wanted to do I wanted you to see the whole the picture.

Blogs can be used for anyone and everyone that just wants to give them a try. In my experience I know I didn’t really know anything about what blogs were and really didn’t care about them. However it was our assignment to create a blog and ever since the first one I feel as if I was addicted, I might not have been so quick at doing blog posts on a regular basis, but I got them in and used them as a way to vent as I said before.

I agree with Rushkoff in “The Interent” We’ve Got Blog. I get the vibe from the story he wrote that blogs show what and or how to look at things and it also shows things from another perspective. There is a part in his story that I agree with and that is where is talks about baseball cards were a way to have communication between people(117). It is the same with blogs in this time today that blogs give people a way to communicate on something they share an interest in or are dealing with in my case.

Blogs have changed the way I look at things and have made me realize that there are a lot of other people dealing with what I am, and has also given a way for people to
communitcate in many different ways and has made me want to keep up with this blog posting.

Rushkoff, Douglas.
"The Internet is NotKilling 0ff Conversation but Actively encouraging It "
MA: PersEus Pub 2002. 116-118


  1. hey salty, good last post. I feel that blogging is a way to vent, especially for people in your situation, with a sickness or something along those lines. I agree with Rushkoff too on the same point little things bring people together and get them talking. Now its not so much baseball cards as it is facebook and myspace, stuff like that. Im surprised that you'd like to continue with blogging since you are so electronically inclined. haha it was nice having class with you, see yeah around!

  2. Ashley. I agree with what you wrote for this final blog post cause it really expresses your true feelings when it comes to blogging. I can also relate to what your saying because of the simple fact that blogging is a very new kind of experience for me, and as well It was fun to see in the end though how well all ofour blogs turned out and what we ended up creating despite the belief we never thought we would become such intense bloggers. Oveerall I really much enjoyed reading your blog post and following it as each week continued. I saw the progress you made and became inpressed with this experience.

  3. I'm glad you was comfortable enough to share your stories with us some of it was very touching. But as far as blogging it's self I am so glad it's done. Yes it was a great experience and it gave me practice on writing but I grew sick of it. Overall bloggin was a new experice that I would only like to experience once.

  4. Ashley--

    You're getting up to speed here. I think blogging could be a good format for you. Should you decide to continue, think about the audience you would like to continue to grow for your blog.