Monday, March 8, 2010

Good News!!

Well judging by the title of my post I’m sure you can guess what this blog is going to be about. FINALLY I have received some good news, its not the cure to my problem but I will take what I can get, I had recently been to the doctors for what I consider a check up and also to schedule when they are going to do my endoscopy again, during that visit I had received some news that made my day.

Last week I went to the doctors thinking it was just any other visit, thinking he’s just going to ask me how I’m feeling, how the medicine is working and to try to schedule another surgery well this time that wasn’t the case. He started out the normal routine blood pressure which I hate because it squeezes your arm so tight and gives me this tingly feeling like when your foot falls asleep so like I was saying It started out with normal visit blood pressure, pain on a scale of 1-10 and so on.

After all the normal stuff the doctor came in and I just had this feeling maybe something good would come out of this visit. Well it did my doctor started talking to me telling me that hes taking me off some of the medicine that I am which means now I only have to take one pill twice a day now and that is because he said after some of the tests and surgery’s he has decided to put me on this new medication that should help the pain a lot not necessarily get rid of the pain but will take the level down to possibly like 2. Yes its not the news someone would have wanted but I will take it, not having to take 3 or 4 pills a day now only one is a lot better to me, also with this medicine and the surgery they are hoping to finally come to a conclusion of that this could be but I can only hope and see.


  1. That’s great I’m very happy for you. Your not the only one who would be glad that you now only have to take one pill. I’ve seen some people who have to take like 18 pills a day and one of them was only in his 40’s. My mom’s almost done going through nursing school, and she’s shown me how some of the people she’s had to take care of were taking like two to three pages of pills. The pages included all info on the pills for the patient. Like how many pills/blank times a day and so on. I would hate to have to take more than just my vitamin per day.

  2. That is very good news, Ashley. Congratulations.