Monday, March 1, 2010

Stress on top of it All

Stress can over take someone’s life, well with me it’s very easy to get stressed out dealing with school and work and being sick all the time of course I’m going to get stressed out. Getting stressed can defiantly affect my health, sometimes its like im just sick again. There are a lot of things that stress me out and believe it or not I get stressed very easily.

School, work, and just being sick in general can stress someone like me out. When someone dealing with what I have gets stressed it’s like a war path so just stay out of my way. Having to remember to take medicine gets very annoying and can stress me out having to take it every morning and night. Gets very annoying, also going to school stress’s me out don’t get me wrong what person wants to go to school I know I don’t but going to school and juggling that and being sick defiantly stress’s me out.

When I get stressed I feel like I have to load up on my medicine to just feel better. Usually when someone gets stressed out they just get a headache or are just really tired well not me. It makes my pain that I have a lot worse, it makes me sick all I want to do is sleep and not do anything. I would much rather just get stressed over something little and work past it than get stressed over something little and have to deal with it for a while because adds more on to me being sick. So be happy when you get stressed that you don’t have to deal with everything else that comes with it like I do.

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  1. Stress is an interesting angle here. How do you deal with it? Does it aggravate your condition?

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